Man Arrested After Selling Farts In Jars Without A Vending License


Tennessee, USA.— A man was arrested for selling his own farts in jars, without even having a vending license. The man was caught by the authorities, which asked him if he had permission, and the man couldn’t answer.

“He was selling farts from different foods, and with different ages. With around 150 jars, he was selling farts as old as one week”, said the police man Gary Cockburn.

Every jar had around 30% fart and 70% air, although he didn’t clarify that to his buyers.

“The man didn’t have permission to sell those farts, so we seized them”, Cockburn stated.

He used to sell about 90 jars per day, and many people are mad because now they can’t have their sweet, delicious farts.

Furthermore, many people are considering to make this for a living.

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